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About server is a SOLO/DUO/TRIO server with 3x rates and plenty of plugins which improves gaming experience.

Custom loot in every crate/barrel, no blueprints, /bank to store most precious loot, security cameras, rocket sentries and much more (read below)

Map size: 3500
Wipes frequency: 2 weeks


#1 Raid Alerts

Personal discord notifications when your base is being raided In Rust, type /pbreg „Your Username#7263“. @PoundBot should message you asking for the PIN number displayed in-game chat. Respond to PoundBot with that PIN number and you should be good to go!

#2 Trades

Trades – Allows two players to trade items safely at a distance. /trade „partial or full player name“ — Send a trade request to specified player. /trade accept — Accept the most recent trade request

#3 Quick Smelting

Resources at smelter smelts much faster than in vanilla Rust

#4 Zombie Hordes

Hordes of zombies spawns on map that roams around in server in packs. Zombies drop cool things too.


/tpr {playername} sends teleport request to player, /tpa – accepts request. /sethome {name} – sets location as home. /home {name} – teleports to home

#6 Kits

Players can redeem kits. /kit for available kits, /kit kitname to redeem kits

#7 Toolbox

Gives additional storage for components. All components redeemed from loot crates goes straight to tool box. You can also drop components to it picked from ground

#8 Box Sorting tools

Gives players the ability to setup Sorting Boxes which have configurable Item Categories and the ability to sort only specific items

#9 Discord Rewards

Get a special reward when link your discord to server. Simply join discord, type „/discord discordname 9999“ (without hashtag) in game. Will get a message from @Discord Rewards bot with a confirmation code. Type „/discord code“ in game – and your are done! Now grab your discord kit.

#10 CCTV Cameras

Players can place security cameras around their base. Simply type /sc which will explain everything further.

#11 Better Attachments

Flashlight: 5% better aim accuracy, slightly reduced recoil, slightly reduced aim sway speed
Holosight: 10% better aim accuracy
Lasersight: 90% aim sway (Rust is 80%), slightly reduced recoil (Rust is 85%), 25% smaller firing cone (Rust is 75%, which is shenanigans)
Muzzle Boost: 20% better firing rate (Rust is 10%), 5% bullet velocity penalty (Rust is 10%), no damage penalty (Rust is 10%), 5% better recoil, (Rust is 2%)
Muzzle Brake: 5% more aim sway, 5% slower aim sway, 60% less recoil (Rust is 50%), 5% smaller sight-aim cone (Rust widens a lot), normal hip-fire cone (Rust widens a lot)
Silencer: 5% more bullet velocity (Rust is 25% less), normal bullet damage (Rust is 25% less), 5% less aim sway (Rust is 20%), 25% less recoil (Rust is 20%), 5% smaller sight-aim cone (Rust is 30% smaller), 5% smaller hip-fire cone (Rust is 40% smaller)
Scope: 5% slower aim sway, 5% less recoil (Rust is 20%), 50% smaller sight-aim cone (Rust is 30%)